Brick Building

Sidewalk Shot

 Name  Diffuse  Normal  Spec
 Brick Wall  brick-wall-diff-1024-x-1024  brick-wall-nml-1024-x-1024  brick-wall-spec-1024x-1024
Decay Brick Wall  decayed-brick-diff-1024-x-1024  decayed-brick-nml-1024-x-1024  decayed-brick-spec-1024-x-1024
 Brick Wall Base brick-base-1024-x-2048  brick-base-nml-1024-x-2048 brick-base-spec-1024-x-2048
Sidewalk  sidewalk-diffuse-1024-x-1024  sidewalk-nml-1024-x-1024  sidewalk-spec-1024-x-1024
 Sidewalk Cracks  cracks-diff-1024-x-1024  cracks-nml-1024-x-1024  cracks-spec-1024-x-1024

Outside Building Scene


View the Real-Time 3D Interactive version of the environment in the Firefox browser, by clicking on the image above.

Name Diff Spec Nml
 Brick Wall  brick-wall-diff-1024-x-1024  brick-wall-spec-1024x-1024  brick-wall-nml-1024-x-1024
Name Diff Spec Nml
 Brick Wall Base  brick-base-1024-x-2048  brick-base-spec-1024-x-2048  brick-base-nml-1024-x-2048
Name Diff Spec Nml
 Sidewalk  sidewalk-diffuse-1024-x-1024  sidewalk-spec-1024-x-1024  sidewalk-nml-1024-x-1024

3d Animation Projects

Bumper Car Version 2 Revised

Bumper Car Version 1

james_r_bumpercar_start from James Rocha on Vimeo.

Feedback Implemented: From my classmates critique, I implemented the following: Finish the project, added a punchline, relocate the pole from the ground to the ledge, keep the hands holding onto the steering wheel, turn the body along with the head and have the pole fall on my character.

Feedback not implemented: These are the improvements I could not make: spin him into the pole, have the character’s “wobble” affect the car and pole, I could not link the wheel to the hands because the process is extremely complicated, I could not tone down the speed of the car prior to the crash, I didn’t have the pole crack on his head because I believe I could tell the exact same story without having to do extra work on the pole. I didn’t have anything fall on his head from the sky, because I thought I might as well use the pole since it was in my scene.

Additional Improvements I made include, but were not mentioned in the critique: have the character respond to the crash, like checking himself to see if he was injured or dead, this also lets the audience know what the character is thinking.

Additional improvements I plan on changing in the future include: have the character’s hand motions flow seamlessly from one body part to the other, and have the character blink throughout the animation. I also want to add a sense of suspense, because I feel it does not have a strong presence in my animation short.